About Soft-EPi Inc.

Soft-EPi is a company that specializes in GaN-based epitaxial growth using MOCVD equipment.
We supply GaN Template on sapphire, non-polar GaN templates, GaN-free AlGaN Template on PSS, and UV-A epi wafers.
We supply epi wafers with excellent characteristics for power devices, such as GaN on Si and GaN on sapphire.
We have developed a GaN-based red LED epi-wafer, and we are conducting research to improve its performance.
We are doing our best to develop competitive products with differentiated technologies to satisfy customers.

Establishment year
11 / 2012
Manufacturing / R&D service
Major product
Visible LED Epi (Red, Green, Blue)
Micro LED Epi
Power Electronics Epi
UV LED Epi / Chip / Package