Near UV

Near UV Ultraviolet A : UVA 315-400nm) is used for low energy UV polymerization reactions in the bonding and curing of various materials, and is also used in non-destructive fluorescent inspection methods. Photons in the UVA (315-400 nm) promote through cure, especially with thicker film layers.

  • K1 Package
  • Plastic Package
  • Metal Package
  • Ceramic Package

Near UV Package

Model Power [W] VF[V] DC [mA] Wavelength Data Sheet
UP814K1-S6P15 1.65 3.5 500 395~405nm 다운받기
UP3528E2F-S4P05 0.5 3.5 175 370~380nm 다운받기
380~390nm 다운받기
390~400nm 다운받기
395~405nm 다운받기
UP3535C2D-S4P15 1.65 3.3 500 395~405nm 다운받기
UP5050E1F-S4P03 0.3 3.5 90 370~380nm 다운받기
380~390nm 다운받기
390~400nm 다운받기
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