Incorporation (22/11/2012)
ㆍInitiated development and commercialization of semipolar GaN template.
ㆍSelected for *KISED project – Promotion for preliminary technical startup companies of research
    institutes. (*Korea Institute of Startup & Entrepreneurship Development)
ㆍEquity investment from POSCO, the world’s no.1 steelmaker.
ㆍSelected for *SMBA project - Development of semi-polar GaN template
    with low-defect for high-efficiency LED device.
    (*Small & Medium Business Administration)
ㆍSelected for *KEIT project - Development of WPE 75% LED device
    process and standard evaluation technology (*Korea Evaluation Institute of Industrial Technology)
ㆍEstablishment of corporate R&D center.
ㆍSelected for KEIT project - Development of 10mW 275nm UV-C LED
     for water and air purification.
ㆍVenture company certification
Equity investment from Lumens Inc.
ㆍRelocated R&D Center to Gwangju-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea.
Equity investment from JUSUNG Engineering Co. Ltd, a major
    semiconductor equipment company of Korea.

ㆍNew investment in MOCVD equipment.
ㆍSelected for SMBA project : Development of GaN on Si UV LED
     with a low-cost, high-efficiency LED device.
ㆍSelected for SMBA project : Development of Environment-friendly UV LED for Curing.
ㆍFirst sales of UV-A LED product (2014.12)
ㆍInitiated development of DUVLED: collaborative development of MOCVD for
     DUVLED (with JUSUNG Engineering Co., Ltd.)
Equity investment from *MTI (2015.08). (*Magellan Technology Investment)
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